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Nearly 17.6 million adults in the United States are alcoholics or experience alcohol addiction.

Alcohol abuse is a disease characterized by excessive and continuous drinking despite negative health, social and legal consequences. The craving that an alcoholic feels can be as strong as the need for food and water. It feels like a necessity. Long term heavy drinking can increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, liver damage, brain damage and birth defects.

Fort Lauderdale Hospital’s trained professionals treat more than just the addiction itself, they try to sort out the thoughts inside the minds of the alcoholic and determine what has caused the alcoholism itself.

Signs of alcohol abuse include:

  • Drinking to calm nerves or forget worries
  • Lying about drinking and trying to hide drinking habits
  • Having medical, social or financial troubles caused by a drinking addiction
  • Failure to fulfill major work, school or home responsibilities because of a drinking addiction
  • Drinking in situations that are physically dangerous, like driving

Alcohol withdrawal can cause severe and fatal symptoms including heart failure, seizures and even death.

There are 2 patterns of drinking: early onset and late onset. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what causes excessive drinking habits because this is one disease that is unique to each individual. Sometimes, it is due to major life changes like shifts in employment, failing health, or the death of friends or loved ones. Often these life changes can bring on feelings of loneliness, boredom, anxiety and depression.

If you believe that you or a loved one is experiencing alcohol addiction, Fort Lauderdale Hospital can help. For more information,call 800-585-7527. We accept Medicare and most other private insurances and have reasonable self-pay rates. For more information call 800-585-7527 or click here.

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